Installing the PIVKey Administrator Tools

Note: The PIVKey Admin Installer is needed only on those systems where certificates have to be loaded onto the card, or where the User PIN needs to be unblocked. The PIVKey Admin Installation is typically not required on end user systems.

In order to load certificates on the PIVKey, you will need to install the Admin Installer Package.  Install the PIVKey Admin Installer on the enrollment station or server where the digital certificates will be loaded onto the card or token.  If you are accessing the enrollment station via RDP, the installation must be on the server, not the client.  

The Admin Tools package includes:

  • The PIVKey Windows Smart Card Minidriver for support of the Windows Smart Card subsystem and Cryptographic APIs.
  • The PIVKey Utility a command line tool for mapping the Minidriver Certificates to the PIV Slots.
  • The Versatile Security CMS client utility, for setting the PIVKey Admin Key, user PIN, browsing the certificates on the PIVKey, and other card/token management functions.

The default PIVKey Admin Installer can be found on the PIVKey Admin Download Page.

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