Incorrect Admin Key

Taglio LLC has become aware of an inconsistency between the PIVKey Tool and the VSEC_CMS utility.  The inconsistency occurs when the hexadecimal digits A-F are used in the 48 digit Admin Key, causing the tools to interpret the key differently.

Taglio is working on a solution to this issue.  In the meantime, a workaround solution has been identified, which is to only use one tool when unblocking the user PIN or changing the Admin Key.

If the VSEC_CMS tool was used to modify the Admin Key from the original default value of 48 zeros, only use VSEC_CMS to unblock the user PIN or change the Admin Key.  And vice versa, if the PIVKey Tool was originally used, only use it in subsequent operations requiring the Admin Key.

Note that if the Admin Key is set to a 48 digit value containing only the digits 0-9, either tool can be used freely.


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