Testing the PIVKey on the User PC

When a PIVKey is inserted in a Windows PC, Windows Plug&Play automatically installs the required Microsoft Windows smart card driver and, in case of a token, the card reader driver as well. No PIVKey software is required.

When you first install the PIVKey you will see the following install message:

The PIVKey should look as follows in the Device Manager:


The PIVKey Security Chip should be recognized as a Smart Card "Identity Device (NIST SP 800-73 [PIV])". 

If you are using a PIVKey Token it will show up as both a reader and a smart card.

To confirm that the PIVKey is working correctly on the User PC, you can run the following command:

certutil -scinfo

Certutil will bring up the Smart Card PIN dialog for each certificate on the card, and validate that the certificates are available and functional.



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