Unblock User PIN

When the User PIN is blocked, it can be unblocked using the PIVKey's Admin Key.

The PIN Unblock command uses the standard Microsoft Windows Smart Card mini driver unblock command which is supported by any compatible card management system or utility, including the Versatile Security VSEC/CMS series.  The system on which the unblock is done MUST have the PIVKey Minidriver installed.

You can also use the PIVKey Tool on the command line using the following command - where the admin key needs to be changed to the actual admin key for the card.

pivkeytool.exe --unblockpin "000000" --adminkey "000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000"


If you enter the wrong Admin Key more than 5 times in a row, the Admin Key will be permanently blocked, and cannot be used for unblocking or other purposes. If you see the following error stop, and verify you are using the right Admin Key.

Error codes

unblock pin failed: You used the wrong Admin Key, or something else went wrong.  Stop, and do not try this again until you have verified the Admin Key, otherwise the card may be blocked.

admin key must be 48 characters: Check the length of the Admin key.

minimum pin length is 6: Check length of the PIN

maximum pin length is 8: Check length of the PIN

wrong or incompatible options: Closely check the formatting of the command. If you copy and paste, make sure that there are no incompatible characters that are not visible in the command line.

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